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Your sewer line is one of the most important components of your plumbing system. Its main function, of course, removing waste material from your home. When the lines get clogged, broken, or develop leaks, they are more than an inconvenience, they can create a health hazard that causes costly damage. Anytime you have leaks or damages, sewer repair becomes an urgent matter.

When your sewer lines are damaged or blocked, HC Edwards Plumbing has the team you can depend on for sewer repair in Red Oak, TX. We use the latest technology, like camera inspection to ensure the most effective results. If your sewer line has a leak, blockage, or other problem, schedule services with us by calling 214-862-0225.

Our Service Offerings

Our range of services for sewer repair in Red Oak, TX includes clearing clogs and blockages and repairing broken pipes and leaks. Because sewer line problems can lead to serious damage including back-ups, you’ll want someone who can respond promptly to make the repairs. Over the course of more than 40 years of serving the area, we’ve been dedicated to providing prompt service. Call us today at 214-862-0225 for fast, effective services.

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer line leaks and other issues aren’t always readily noticeable, although there are some common signs that indicate your sewer lines are damaged. One of the most common signs you’ll begin to see is fluctuating water levels in your toilet. You’ll see high levels one day, and low ones the next. 

Frequent clogs and other problems with your drains often indicate there is a bigger problem in the sewer line. If your sewer line is leaking or blocked, you may also begin to smell foul sewage odors in your home, or may notice damp patches in your yard that give off odors. Really green or very healthy patches of grass in your yard may indicate waste may be seeping up from a break in the sewer line and fertilizing the grass above the break.

Many sewer lines run under your home. If these lines burst or break, a slab leak will occur. These leaks under your foundation, whether caused by sewer or water lines, will need to be repaired quickly. Slab leaks can lead to further damage to your foundation, to water damage in your home, and more damage to your pipes under the foundation.  

It’s crucial to get sewer line leaks and damages repaired as quickly as possible. Any standing water from a sewage line leak can pose a health hazard to you and your family. One thing to be aware of: not all sewer water will appear dirty or discolored and can be mistaken for regular water.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Because leaks or damages are not always easy to find, one of the best ways plumbers have to detect problems is with a camera inspection. Before we begin any sewer repair, we’ll use our camera to check the lines. Not only can these cameras find leaks, but other issues like blockages by tree roots or other debris can be found as well. Once we’ve determined the source of the problem, we’ll recommend all the possible courses of action available to our customers. Because customer satisfaction is always a priority, when we provide sewer repair or any other services, we want to provide as many options as possible.

Repair Options

Repairing broken, leaking or otherwise damaged pipes will vary. We offer a wide variety of repair options for sewer repair, including innovative techniques such as pipe coating and pipe relining. These repairs require very little excavation and are very effective for slab leaks. We can also clean and clear clogs in the lines. For all repair services, we are available Monday through Friday and for a limited time on Saturday for emergencies.

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If you have a sewer line problem or suspect you do, we are the professionals you can rely on for sewer repair in Red Oak, TX. Never hesitate to call us for fast, effective repairs. Schedule an appointment by calling 214-862-0225.

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