Clogged Toilet Cleaning

A Plumber Unclogs a Toilet

Professional Toilet Clog Cleaning

When you have problems with your toilet flushing you might have a clog, especially if the toilet overflows or appears to overflow after it’s flushed. Although unclogging a toilet can be a mess, clearing it is necessary, especially if the overflow involves waste material. Clogged toilets not only risk damaging pipes but present a risk to health as well.

For fast, effective clogged toilet cleaning in Red Oak, TX, rely on the expertise of the professionals at HC Edwards Plumbing. Never hesitate to call a professional when your toilet is clogged, especially if a sewage backup is involved. Schedule a service with us by calling 214-862-0225. We also take emergency calls Monday through Saturday.

Causes of Toilet Clogs

While the team at HC Edwards Plumbing has cleaned clogged toilets of strange items like children’s toys, as plumbing professionals with more than 40 years of experience serving the DFW area, we’ve discovered that most often clogged toilets are caused by everyday items like paper towels, wet wipes, and feminine hygiene products. Paper products like these are generally too thick, and do not dissolve well, for a toilet drain and can easily clog it. To prevent clogs of this type, only flush human waste and small amounts of toilet paper down the toilet. Still, if you have a clog, call 214-862-0225 for help with clogged toilet cleaning in Red Oak, TX.

Excess human waste rarely causes toilets to clog. If human waste is involved with a clog, there’s usually a blockage somewhere deeper in the sewer line. If you suspect your sewer lines have a blockage or are damaged in any other way, we can find and clear the blockage with the assistance of a camera inspection

Mineral deposits caused by hard water can also clog toilets. Use water softeners to prevent hard water deposits from forming. Also, low-flow toilets, especially if they are older models, frequently can have problems with clogging. If you are experiencing frequent problems with your low-flow toilet clogging, we also repair and replace toilets.

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When you have a toilet backed up and you need clogged toilet cleaning in Red Oak, TX, rely on the professionals at HC Edwards Plumbing. Call 214-862-0225 today to schedule an appointment.