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Do you have an older home with galvanized steel pipes? If you’re experiencing problems with leaks, those old pipes might be rusted and busted. Of course, age, weather, and other elements can cause all types of plumbing pipes — PVC, steel, and copper, among others–to break. When your pipes break and you need broken pipe repair in Red Oak, TX or the surrounding areas, you can always rely on the trusted experts at HC Edwards Plumbing.

With more than 40 years in business, Red Oak, TX and the surrounding areas have relied on us for busted plumbing repair and all other plumbing needs. Need help today? Call 214-862-0225 for excellent plumbing service.

Save Money by Replacing or Repairing Old Pipes

Chances are if you have an older home, you have old plumbing pipes–often made of galvanized steel–and you’ve probably had your share of leaks and busted pipes. Broken pipe repair in Red Oak, TX can cost you money. You might want to consider replacing those old pipes with upgraded materials like PVC. Whether those old pipes have gotten rusty and you need rusted pipe repair or you’re ready for something new, the team at HC Edwards Plumbing can help. We always put our customers first. We’ll assess your situation carefully but quickly, and work up a fair and trustworthy estimate.

You don’t want to leave your pipes in disrepair for too long. Whether they’ve been damaged by rust, root intrusion, weather, or clogs, that damage can lead to leaks and other serious issues like water damage to your home. If you have corroded, rusted or otherwise broken pipes, call the broken pipe repair specialists at HC Edwards Plumbing  for fast, reliable repairs. We can be reached for repair services by calling 214-862-0225. We are available now for emergency repairs.

Corrosion is the leading cause of leaks in metal pipes, followed closely by rust. Without a camera inspection, it’s usually difficult to tell if your pipes have any damage, although, with rust, your water may look discolored, have a metallic taste to it, or have flakes of rust in it. Sometimes the rust may be coming from damaged pipes in your municipal water supply, but if you are seeing consistent signs of rust, it’s time to call a professional for broken pipe repair in Red Oak, TX.

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Whether your pipes are busted, rusted, or broken in any other way, and you need broken pipe repair in Red Oak, TX, rely on the repair specialists at HC Edwards Plumbing. We provide fast, effective repairs. Schedule us today by calling 214-862-0225